Have you’ve been wanting to get your kitchen organized but putting it off? I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, it’s actually quite fun! I found a few cheap kitchen organization ideas to help you get this done in a matter of days (not weeks!).

1. Use A Magazine Rack To Store Kitchen Wrap.

I used to store foil and plastic wrap in my cabinet drawers and it took up a lot of space.  So this idea is pure genius!

2. Swap Soap Containers for Oil Dispensers.

Soap containers are ugly and bulky. Give your kitchen a mini makeover by emptying them into olive oil dispensers instead.

3. Utilize Vertical Space On Your Pantry Walls.

You can install kitchen or shower caddies like this one easily with velcro strips to give you more space on your pantry shelves.

4. Use Towel Racks To Store Lids.

Add a bathroom towel bar inside a sturdy cabinet door so you can easily find the lids to your pots and pans.

5. Clear Off Your Countertops with Baskets.

If you have a small kitchen, use a basket to keep all of your cooking supplies tidy. Tuck it away in a corner and you’ll instantly have more counter space.

6. Use Plastic Bins As Pretend Pull-Outs.

Using plastic storage bins is such a great way to organize AND store all of your small kitchen appliances.

7. Hang Your Coffee Mugs On The Wall.

17 Best Cheap Kitchen Organization Ideas

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As a mom, I love me some coffee … but I hate storing them in my cabinets. So why not hang them up instead! Get it here.

8. Store Plastic Bags in Empty Lysol Containers.

9. Dollar Store Drawer Dividers.

10. Plastic Refridgerator Dividers.

Having these plastic dividers in your fridge makes it so much easier to find and organize groceries. Especially since you can see what’s in stock!

11. Under-Sink Tension Rod.

Add so extra space below your kitchen sink by hanging spray bottles on a tension rod. You can even hang up your gloves too!

12. Tension Rod Dividers.

This is another great way to use tension rods in your kitchen. Now, you can easily store cutting boards, food trays and more.

13. Hang Mason Jars Below Kitchen Cabinets.

17 Best Cheap Kitchen Organization Ideas

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If you love storing things inside mason jars, this is how you can get them off your countertops … using magnets or velcro strips!

14. DIY Your Trash Bags.

Take your trash bags out of those store-bought boxes, but keep them on a roll using a paper towel holder. Genius!

15. DIY Your Utensils Drawer In One Weekend.

Make it here.

16. Store Pasta In Containers.

Air-tight containers come in all shapes and sizes which is why they are great for storing pasta, rice, and even cereal!

17. Use Metal Baskets To Store Cleaning Supplies

Metal baskets are great for keeping all of your supplies organized and easily accessible when it’s time to clean.

So are you starting to feel inspired to organize your kitchen? These ideas make it easy and affordable!