Ever feel the sudden urge that you want to get organized? Maybe you started taking inventory of your things and noticed it’s gotten a little out of control. That’s how I felt this past weekend.

I hate clutter. It makes it hard to breathe and think clearly.

So now that the weather is finally breaking, I felt motivated to hop on Pinterest for a while (I’m a little addicted) to look for cheap and easy organization ideas – and let me tell you they are GENIUS!

When you’re on a budget, you’ve got to get creative, right? So here’s a roundup of the BEST Dollar Store organization ideas you can use to tidy up the clutter in your life.

1. Organize your bathroom drawers with small plastic dividers.

Yessss! I LOVE this idea. These little baskets are a life saver because they can fit inside any drawer to organize whatever you want!

2. Create instant shelving with hanging baskets.

This is perfect for small bathrooms, especially when you need more storage space.

3. Cut the ends of hanging shoe organizers to store gift wrap.

I hate to admit that I’m that mom that buys new wrapping paper every year because I don’t know what to do with the old one. So let’s just sit say my jaw dropped a little when I found this GENIUS idea!

4. Or, you can use a garment bag to hold gift wrap and hang it up in a storage closet.

Another brilliant way to keep your wrapping paper in one place and fresh for reuse again and again.

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5. Organize your necklaces, bracelets, and rings on accordion hooks.

When your jewelry is hung like this it keeps them from getting tangled, damaged, and out of your kids’ reach. 😉

6. Store hair accessories inside plastic drawer dividers.

Here’s another amazing way to use plastic baskets, instead of as drawer dividers, you can hook them onto command hooks inside your cabinet doors.

7. Keep your tiny earrings and rings organized in an ice-cube tray.

8. Store yarn in a plastic drinking cup.

For all you crafty moms and knitting junkies, this idea is perfect for you!

9. Get your sink cupboards organized using plastic storage bins.

10. Use pop-up hampers for storing kid’s toys.

These pop-up hampers are so cheap you can use them for anything!

11. Store cutting boards easily with a wire organizer.

12. Turn plastic crates into shelves or bookcases.

This is such a great way to create more storage space in your child’s bedroom.

13. Makeover your entire pantry with dollar store containers.

These air-tight containers are perfect for storing rice, noodles, and keeping cereals from going stale faster.

It’s amazing how cheap and easy it is to get organized. With just one trip to the dollar store, you can tackle any area in your home for way less!

So what do you want to get organized in your home?