The best marriage advice I ever received was to never stop dating. But when our family grew, and our income didn’t, it was harder to afford dates nights with my husband every weekend.

I'm SO glad I found these FREE date ideas! I can't wait for our next date night. I know he's going to LOVE it! Definitely pinning this for later!

So we started finding cheaper ways to spend quality time together – without the kids. I cannot stress enough how important it is to carve out couple time.

Today, I want to share my favorite cheap date ideas you can do with your husband (and some are even FREE!).

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15 Simple and Free Date Ideas You Must Try

1. Go Window Shopping
This is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. We’ll go to an outlet or large shopping mall and just gaze at all the things we’d like to buy.

2. Attend Free Events
Check your local area for free upcoming events like concerts, festivals, and movie showings.

3. Attend The Zoo
Check your local zoo for free or reduced admission days, especially on holidays like MLK Day, Veterans Day, Mother & Father’s Day.

4. Visit A Museum
Some museums also have a free admission day, typically on Sundays. Check to see which days your local museum has a freebie.

5. Go For A Hike
Or if you prefer bike riding, you can do that too! You can find trails at your local and state parks.

6. Have a Beach Day
Who doesn’t like a little fun in the sun? Pack up some food, head to the beach, and enjoy the waves.

7. Have A Picnic At A Park You’ve Never Been To
You could even take it a step further and invite another couple to eat with you. Just pick a nice park on a cool breezy day, lay out a blanket, and enjoy a simple meal over wine.

8. Do A Scavenger Hunt
There are all kinds of things you can hide in your home to make your partner find. But if you’re really feeling kinky just leave a trail of rose petals leading up to the bedroom. 😉

9. Plan A Game Night
Pull out a classic board game, card game, or even play a video game together. If you’re super competitive like we are things will heat up quick!

10. Cook A Meal Together
Find a new recipe you both find interesting, go grocery shopping, and make it together!

11. Binge Watch on Netflix
Sometimes life makes it hard to keep up with the latest tv shows. Make this a night where you binge-watch your favorites episodes or movies together and indulge in a large bowl of popcorn.

12. Light A Fire Pit
You don’t have to actually go camping to enjoy some good ole roasted marshmallows. Start a campfire right in your backyard so you can make s’mores, hot dogs, and more.

13. Plan A D.I.Y Project
If you have something around your house that needs a little fixing or a makeover, why not do it together?! There are tons of ideas you can find on Pinterest.

14. Volunteer Together
I truly believe there’s nothing that brings people closer together than when you can help others in need. You can feed the homeless, distribute goods, work at an animal shelter, or even at events for your favorite charity.

15. At-Home Spa
When money is tight and you can’t afford to pay for a couples massage, you can give each other one instead. Just light a few candles, turn on some relaxing music, and rub down your partner with massage oils or lotions.


Bottom Line

Dating your husband is so important, but it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. Give these ideas a try and let me know what you think!

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