There’s nothing that fills my heart more than coming home to a clean house. But with small kids, it makes it harder to maintain at times. This inspired me to look for easier ways to stay on top of the mess.

Why wait for Spring when you can do it now?! Here’s a roundup of the best home cleaning hacks you’ll want to try:

1. Use soapy water to clean your bathroom exhaust fan.

2. Use an old toothbrush to clean out your garbage disposal.

21 Home Cleaning Hacks You Need To Try

3. Use a lint roller to clean screen doors.

When the weather is warm you may want to open your windows and doors. But if your screens are filthy from pet hair and cobwebs, you can use a lint roller to get rid of the debris.

4. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your microfiber couch.

I love microfiber sofas. They are so warm and cozy, but are also more prone to stains if you have pets or young children — accidents are bound to happen. Luckily, all you need is one ingredient to get your couch back to feeling like new again. Here’s how.

5. Deep clean your washing machine with bleach.

Your washing machine needs love too. You can give it a nice deep clean by just adding a quart of bleach and running the hot water. If you want to get your washing machine running like new again, check out Jillee’s simple 4-step tutorial.

6. Use vinegar and baking soda to clean window seals.

7. Clean your blinds with a DIY tool 

Sometimes feather dusters just don’t do the job — especially on mini blinds. You can use your kitchen tongs wrapped in microfiber cloths to dust them instead! You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your blinds will be with this simple hack.

8. Use white vinegar to clean your shower head overnight.

Mix equal parts white vinegar and water, then pour it into a ziplock bag and wrap it around your showerhead before heading to bed. You’ll wake up with a showerhead free of dirt and grime!

9. DIY grout cleaner for your kitchen and bathroom.

Make it here.

10. Deep clean your oven racks.

21 Home Cleaning Hacks You Need To Try

via eHow

This can get messy. But you can use white vinegar, baking soda, and a scrub to make cleaning your oven racks so much easier. Follow this tutorial and your racks will be like-new again!

11. Use Pine-Sol to clean your toilet bowl brush.

Adding a splash to your container is a great way to disinfect your toilet brush while leaving a fresh scent in your bathroom too! Now, that’s the power of Pine-Sol, baby!

12. Use Magic Erasers to clean your oven glass.

I knew Magic Erasers could clean many things, but I would never have thought to use them for my oven glass. You can use wet or dry ones to start scrubbing away all the grime and grease until it’s completely clean.

13. DIY carpet stain remover.

Mix Dawn soap and hydrogen peroxide to clean your carpet. It works well on mattresses too!

14. Use lemon and salt to clean cutting boards.

Here’s how.

15. Clean your walls with a dust mop.

Don’t forget about your walls while you’re cleaning the rest of your house. This simple hack makes it easier to get rid of dust and dirt from your walls using a Swiffer or other dust mop.

16. Clean your slow cooker using oven cleaner.

Here’s how.

17. Remove mattress stains with 4 ingredients.

First, you’ll want to sprinkle baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Then you’ll vacuum that up and add a mixture of peroxide, dish soap, and salt to get rid of blood, urine, and sweat stains. Learn more here.

18. Use Rain-X to repel water stains on shower doors.

You can keep future water stains, scum, and streaks away using Rain-X after the next time you clean your glass shower doors.

19. Whiten your yellow pillows in the washing machine.

Using 4 simple ingredients; Borax, powdered laundry, bleach, and dish detergent will make your yellow pillows look bright, white and smelling fresh again. Here’s how.

20. Clean out your dishwasher in 3 easy steps.

You will need baking soda, vinegar, and bleach in a separate wash cycle to get your dishwasher running and smelling like new again. Learn more here.

21. Use cue-tips to clean your baseboards.

Once you’ve gotten every inch clean, just use a dryer sheet to repel future dust and dirt debris.

These deep cleaning hacks are so easy, you’ll have every area of your home squeaky clean in no time. 😉