Did you know over-the-door shoe organizers can be used to store more than just your shoes? You can use them for organizing small spaces in any room in your home, too!

They’ll hang perfectly in your linen closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms. So today, I want to share 10 creative ways to help you get organized with shoe organizers (for less than 10 bucks!).

1. Winter Gear Storage

Finding a single place to keep all of your hats, gloves, and scarves when the weather gets chilly can be a pain in the butt. In my house, we’re always missing a glove. Figures. So this idea is brilliant!

2. Store Toiletries

If your linen closet is small,  you’ll love how much more shelf space you’ll get when you hang all of your toiletries instead.

3. Toy Storage

10 Creative Ways To Organize Small Spaces With Over-Door Shoe Organizers

Yes, even legos, barbies, and stuffed animals need a place to call home. Hanging them in shoe organizers on the back of your child’s closet door is simply genius!

4. Store Baby Accessories

Baby blankets, bibs, tiny shoes, and more can all be placed in these.

5. Store Beauty Supplies

This is another great way to maximize space in your linen closets or even under your bathroom sink.

6. Store Craft Supplies

If you homeschool your kids or you just love arts and crafts, then this idea is perfect for you!

7. Makeup Storage

Makeup cases can be quite expensive, especially if you have a lot of supplies. But you can use a hanging shoe organizer to store your nail polish, lipsticks, eyeshadows, makeup brushes, and more.

8. Store Cleaning Supplies

If you’re like me and keep these puppies underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks, this is a great alternative. Not to mention it keeps them out of reach for small children. Win-win!

9. Pantry Storage

This is the BEST kids school lunch hack if you’re looking for an easier way to pack meals and snacks in advance. No more scrambling around in your kitchen on Monday mornings!

10. Sweater Storage

I love my collection of fall sweaters and cardigans, but they are extremely bulky and can take up a lot of space in the closet. You can use a closet shoe organizer like this one to create additional space.

Using over-the-door shoe organizers work really well for organizing small spaces. So if you run out of room in your closets or underneath cupboards, you can keep the clutter off the floor by hanging it on the back of any door, instead!