Running out of closet space sucks. Especially if you have to share it with someone else, or you just have a lot of clothes and accessories. But you don’t have to let the size of your closet keep you from getting it organized.

You CAN create more space without getting rid of your stuff! Here’s 11 simple storage hacks that show you how:

1. Use S-Hooks to hang up your denim jeans.

You’ll have so much more storage space in your tiny closet when you use S-hooks for your jeans instead of regular pant hangers.

2. Organize your clutches using a kitchen lid rack.

This little DIY clutch organizer is so simple, adorable, and super affordable! Once you’ve got your clutches in place, you can then store the rack on your closet shelf.

3. Organize your jewelry on accordion hooks.

Display your necklaces, bracelets, and rings without getting them tangled. You can find accordion hooks for dirt cheap at your dollar store or here. Then use Command Double-Sided Tape to hang it up wherever you’d like!

4. Store your sweaters inside a closet shoe organizer.

This is a brilliant way to organize your fall collection of bulky sweaters and cardigans so they don’t take up too much space.

5. Hang your high pumps on a tension rod.

If you have a corner of empty space in your room, you can easily install a few tension rods to store your collection of high heels.

6. Stack your hangers using a chain link.

All you need to steal this genius idea is an S-hook and some chain links. You’ll have so much more space, it’ll blow your mind!

7. Keep your garments from slipping off your hangers with colorful pipe cleaners.

This simple and cheap DIY is the smartest way to finally keep your blouses on the hangers and off the floor. Plus, they will look pretty hanging in your closet. 🙂

8. Use plastic shower rings to hang your tank tops.

Just hook them onto a single hanger and then hook your tank tops onto the shower rings. Simple, but brilliant!

9. Keep your flip-flops in plastic storage bins.

If you have a hard time keeping track of your many flip-flops, store them inside plastic storage drawers. You’ll know exactly where to find them the next time you head to the beach!

10. Hang your scarves on a towel bar.

You can easily create this inexpensive scarf hanger. All you need is a blank wall to install a towel bar. That’s it!

11. Use paper towel holders for your belts or headbands.

If you have more belts than you can count, using a paper towel holder is a great way to store them away. Plus, they will look stylish sitting on top of your closet shelf or on any other shelf in your bedroom!

So if you don’t have enough closet space for all of your stuff, try implementing some of these ideas and let me know if they help. You can also use this opportunity to donate (or sell!) any clothes you no longer wear!