Do you ever find yourself spending more time and money than you intend to at the grocery store?

Oh, my friend, you’re not alone.

It used to take me over an hour to get my grocery shopping done – including getting to and from the store – and I hated it.

These grocery hacks are BRILLIANT! If you want to save time at the store and spend less money on groceries, you've got to pin this!

I’d go in with the intention to grab a few things but walk out with a cart full of stuff that had NO business being there.

So between the long lines and endless distractions, I was never out of there in time to catch the first half of The Real Housewives (and I love me some housewives).

Well, today, I want to share what I do to get in and out of the store faster, plus keep me within budget too!

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5 Grocery Hacks that Save Extra Time and Money at the Store

1. Don’t Skip Making a Shopping List

You should always make a grocery list before leaving your house. This will keep you on track and focused while you’re shopping so you don’t pile the cart with items you don’t need; therefore, spending more money than you bargained for.

You can even take it a step further and categorize your grocery list by section (produce, meats, cereals, etc.). When my shopping list is organized, I spend less time pacing the aisles.

2. Avoid Shopping on Weekends

Want to avoid large crowds and long lines? Don’t buy groceries on the weekends.

Saturday and Sunday are no doubt the busiest days to shop. Monday and Tuesday are the least busy days, but the shelves are often empty from the weekend rush.

My favorite day to grocery shop is on Thursday’s. I’ll go early in the morning or after 6 pm.

3. Go Shopping at the Same Store

When you shop at the same store each week, you’ll know when items go on sale and where everything is, which saves a ton of time. You’ll also get to know the people who work there, too!

There was one time I went to the store to grab a pound of ground beef. It was on sale for $3.99.

As I rolled away, the meat manager came out of nowhere and offered to switch the beef I had in my hand for a better selection.

He sold me 2 lbs of ground beef for just $2 – so it pays to be loyal!

4. Pull Into the First Parking Spot You Find

Circling around the parking lot, looking for a spot closer to the front, is what everyone does. It burns more gas and extra time you could be spending inside the store.

So the next time you run to the store, try parking into the first spot you see and enjoy the bit of exercise you’ll get from walking a little further!

5. Go Shopping Once Each Week

The last thing you want to do is run back and forth to the store 2-3 times a week, grabbing items you forgot.

That’s why making a shopping list beforehand and weekly meal planning is so important – not to mention the extra gas you’ll save, too.

Just pick one day out of the week to get all of your shopping done so you can spend more time with the people you love.


Bottom Line

If these tips seem simple, it’s because they are! But they can make a difference.

Before I implemented these grocery hacks, going shopping felt like a chore that I wanted to avoid.

Now, it’s a fun way for me to get out the house, plug in my headphones, and take full advantage of the alone time. 🙂

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How do you avoid spending a lot of time and money at the grocery store?