We all know cable TV is expensive. The average family pays around $200 each month. That’s $2,400 a year that could go towards a Disney vacation. So can you actually watch tv without cable?

In short, yes! A few years ago, we decided to finally cut the cable cord and I started searching for cheaper alternatives to traditional cable TV and satellite.

This list of cable TV alternatives is AWESOME! We decided to subscribe to Hulu Live TV and haven't looked back. If you're looking for a cheaper satellite or cable TV alternative, you NEED to pin this!

I’ve come across many legit ways to watch tv without cable that saves us $500 every year, and I’m super excited to share these with you today!

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Here’s How To Watch TV Without Cable

1. Buy a digital antenna

This was the first thing we did after getting rid of cable. With a good HD Antenna, you can get local channels for FREE! Plus I love that it sits nicely behind the television.

It’s important to note not all channels are available in all areas. You should get about 10+ crystal clear channels, though, perfect for watching local news, sitcoms, weather, kids & sports programs, etc on all of your favorite broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, and others.

You can get the same digital Antenna we use here (from Amazon!).


2. HULU With Live Tv

We all know Hulu is great for catching up on full episodes you may have missed, plus you can enjoy full seasons of exclusive series, hit movies, Hulu Originals, kids shows, and more – but Hulu now has Live TV!

Hulu with Live TV gives you over 50+ top Live and On Demand channels for sports, news, and entertainment, and unlimited access to the entire Hulu streaming library – for only $39.99/month!

5 Ways to Watch TV Without Cable That Save Hundreds

There are no contracts, commitments, or equipment rentals! Plus you can cancel or downgrade to your plan anytime.

Just click here to start your FREE trial!


3. Sling TV

SlingTV allows you to personalize the way you watch live tv. That’s what I love about it – you don’t have to pay for channels you don’t watch!

Live channel lineups include:

  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • Disney
  • Nick Jr
  • TNT
  • CNN
  • NFL Network
  • and many more

You can choose between 3 packages: $20/month (25 channels), $25/month (40+ channels), or $40/month (50+ channels).

5 Ways to Watch TV Without Cable That Save Hundreds

There are also no long-term contracts or hidden fees, and you can stream SlingTV on all of your favorite devices. Just sign up to try it free for one week!


4. Directv Now

Directv Now is another great option for watching live tv for less. You won’t need a satellite, there are no annual contracts, and AT&T members can watch Directv Now from anywhere data-free!

5 Ways to Watch TV Without Cable That Save Hundreds

There are four packages available:

  • Live A Little – $35/month (60+ channels)
  • Just Right – $50/month (80+ channels)
  • Go Big – $60/month (100+ channels)
  • Gotta Have It – $70/month (120+ channels)

You can sign up to try it for free here.


5. SET Tv

SET Tv is an IPTV (which basically means internet tv) service that gives you much more bang for your buck!

Seriously, packages start at just $20/month giving you over 500+ LIVE CHANNELS!! That even includes premium live sports and movie channels like HBO, Starz, Cinemax, NFL Network, NBA All Access, and many more.

5 Ways to Watch TV Without Cable That Save Hundreds

via SET Tv

You won’t need any equipment, no long-term commitments, and it’s month-to-month service so you pay as you go! I personally love that I can stream SET Tv on up to 3 devices (unlike most IPTVs that make you pay per device).

Click here to start watching SET Tv now!


What to do now?

If you haven’t cut the cable cord yet, that is the first step. Because it wouldn’t make sense to sign up for these streaming tv services without canceling your bill first.

You’ll want to make sure you’re not locked in a contract, and call your cable tv or satellite company to let them know you want to cancel services (but keep your internet).

If you have equipment you’re renting that you no longer need, ask them how you can return it to avoid additional fees.

In our house, we use digital antennas, Fire TV Sticks, and subscribe to Hulu Live TV. But the best part is my kids don’t even know the difference – haha!

Have you cut the cord, yet? How does your family watch TV without cable?